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Updates: New Look & New Host

As you can see, Misha Wire has a new look for the first time in it’s history, a gorgeous premade by Monica that I’m still sort of messing with. MCW is also now hosted by Flaunt, and going through a bit of a transition so bear with me while I get everything back on track!


News: Misha Trolls Donald Trump on Linkedin

As you might have noticed we’re no longer coming to you from, as our host went belly up and kind of stole our domain in the process (naughty) – but we have a new host in Fans Planet and a new url. Still the same content!

Goodness gracious, I was sick and missed a great news bite! According to RawStory, Misha trolled Presidential hopeful Donald Trump with a fake Linkedin profile (that is sadly now gone) and let The Donald know about his handy work on Twitter:

How much do you love this man?